Bitcoin 2 Moon App Review! Can You Withdraw 0.025BTC Really?

So this is my Bitcoin 2 Moon review. Bitcoin 2 Moon is a new game on Google Play, it’s a simple and fun game that is sure to please cryptocurrency fans. But a lot of people are wondering whether the payouts are real or fake.

In this game you can rack up Bitcoin and Ethereum rewards worth up to $1000s of dollars. Are they legitimate and do they actually pay?

I’ve tested this app for awhile now, so let me show you how it really works.


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How Does Bitcoin 2 Moon Work?

So here is Bitcoin 2 Moon, the game itself is very simple. The goal is to drop various cryptocurrency coins from the top to the bottom, and then try to hit coins that are the same, this will merge them into bigger coins.

If there aren’t any coins that are the same, just drop them into an empty spot. When you merge coins into a high level, you will get Bitcoin cash rewards in a pop up.

These rewards are absolutely ridiculous, some of these rewards are worth 0.0033BTC which is worth about $86 USD. Who needs to work a real job anymore, right?

To collect the rewards you’ll need to watch an advertisement video. You can click the X button to keep playing without watching the video, but then you won’t collect any rewards.

And sometimes the video advertisement will start playing anyway whether you click the X or not! This can feel very intrusive and annoying. It feels like you can’t even play the game for more than a minute at a time without some advertisement popping up.

There are also various prizes you can earn and collect at the bottom and on the side of the screen.

I posted an example below, this iWatch worth $499, apparently you can win that for simply checking in for 3 days straight.

It takes just a few seconds to check in daily, so are they telling me that I can win an almost $500 iWatch for a few seconds worth of work for 3 days? That sounds way too good to be true!

Within a few minutes of playing Bitcoin 2 Moon I’ve already racked up cryptocurrency earnings of hundreds of dollars.

So what happens when I try to actually withdraw the money?

Can You Withdraw The Money?

They say to collect as much money as possible, and you can withdraw after 24hrs. Or you can withdraw immediately if you earn at least 0.025BTC which is almost $23,000 USD!

You guys, sorry to burst the bubble, but none of this is real, they don’t actually pay. When I tried to redeem, it just gave me this popup, telling me to watch a bunch of advertisement videos within 12hrs to activate the order.

I’ve tested many similar apps before, they all work in similar ways. When you finish watching all these videos, they’ll just make up some lame excuse, and try to make you watch more videos!

The developer of this app just wants you to watch as many advertisement videos as possible, because that’s how this app earns money since the app itself is free to install and play.

So the only way these guys can make money is by dangling this carrot in front of you, making you think you can win lots of cryptocurrency rewards for little work, and watching tons of advertisement videos to get to payout.

I wouldn’t call them a scam because it’s 100% free to play and they don’t ask for your money, but it’s a total waste of time.

Legitimate Extra Income Sites

The truth is nobody is going to pay you hundreds of dollars to play a free coin throwing game. I recommend that you forget about Bitcoin 2 Moon and stay on earth instead.

There are legitimate websites and apps out there that actually pay, but Bitcoin 2 Moon is not one of them.

Check out my Top Extra Income Sites instead. I only recommend those that have actually paid me before, and that I know are 100% legitimate. You won’t get rich from them, but they offer a genuine opportunity to make some supplemental income online.

That’s it for this review on Bitcoin 2 Moon, thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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