Coin Empire App Review! Can You Cash Out Real Money?

So this is my Coin Empire review. Coin Empire is a coin pushing game you can find on the Google Play store.

It’s completely free to download and play and the game earns you coins and cash rewards, but will you be able to actually cash them out to your PayPal account?

In this post I’ll show you exactly how it works and whether it’s a legit way to earn some extra income online.


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How Does Coin Empire Work?

The game itself is a coin pushing game, you may have seen this sort of game at a casino and arcade it’s super simple to play.

The overall objective is to push the pile of coins off the edge by dropping more coins into the pile.

You simply tap on the screen and you will see gold coins in green coins dropping down. As the coins fall down they are collected by a bucket.

You can see your golden green coins balance at the top of the screen. These coins can supposedly be traded in for real cash rewards anywhere from $0.75 to $1000.

But will you actually get paid? I’ll go over that next in this review. But before that I want to briefly talk about the amount of annoying advertisements in the app.

Advertisement Popups Everywhere

Every now and then some advertisement will pop up (seemingly every minute or so) and interrupt the game.

It is super annoying and is a very common complaint among users!

I’ve tried many money making apps in the past they all have advertisements, but not as many as Coin Empire.

Will You Get Paid?

Alright, so will you actually get paid? There are 2 main reasons why I don’t believe you will get paid.

Too High Paying To Be Legit

The first red flag is that if you look at the pay out amounts you will see really large increments, like $100 or $1000, this is absolutely ridiculous because you will never reach it.

Think about it, why would some random app on Google Play pay you this much to play a coin pushing game? Actually, the only ones making money is the developer of the app itself!

Since the Coin Empire app is free to download, the way this app make money is from the advertisements that you watch, and these advertisements only pay a fraction of a penny per view.

There are legitimate apps out there that do pay, but the amounts are usually super small, and it takes a long time to earn something like $0.25 to $1.

The lowest increment on Coin Empire is $0.75, so maybe it’s possible to get paid that, but it still leads to the second red flag.

No Payment Proof From Users

The second red flag is this I haven’t seen anyone who have used the app actually saying that they’ve been paid in the Google Play reviews.

Even the people leaving 5 stars or 4 stars only did so because they think the game is fun to play, but there are many people saying how they have yet to get paid.

If this game actually does pay, people who did get paid will post them in these reviews, but you don’t see that. So this is a huge red flag.

Is Coin Empire Worth Downloading?

So overall unless you really enjoy playing a free coin pushing game with tons of advertisements I wouldn’t waste my time on Coin Empire.

I recommend you check out my Top Extra Income Sites instead, unlike Coin Empire these sites are legitimate and they’ve all paid me before. You can actually use these sites to earn steady extra income every month.

That’s it for this review post, thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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