Desert Tree App Review! Legit Cash Growing Game Or Scam?

Hello welcome! This is my Desert Tree app review.

This is a new money-making game app on Google Play. You may have seen its advertisement showing people cashing out hundreds of dollars through PayPal and wonder if it’s all real or not.

I’ve been testing this game for a while now so let me show you how it REALLY works.


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How Does Desert Tree Work?

The game itself could not be any more simple, your goal is to tap on this tree to make money fly out, and to be honest it’s not really much of a game.

The tree doesn’t grow and it doesn’t get any bigger, the only thing that happens is that every time you tap on it some cash flies out.

After tapping on it a bunch of times a pop up will appear, giving you a big cash prize of around $25 to $50.

Sometimes you have to watch an advertisement video to collect the cash, other times you can just collect it without watching anything.

When you get the cash prize you will see it reflected in your cash balance at the top of the screen.

Within minutes of playing I already reached over $300 and was able to request to cash out through PayPal!

What Happens When You Cash Out?

They told me to watch 30 advertisement videos within a day to unlock the order… You guys, this is not real, they are not going to pay you.

I’ve tested many other games before that are similar to Desert Tree and they all work the same way. You win hundreds of dollars very fast with no effort, and when you try to cash out they make you watch a bunch of videos within a day or several days.

After watching all these videos what will happen is that they will just make you watch more videos! On and on it goes…

Since Desert Tree is a game that’s free to download, the developer make money from the advertisement videos that you watch. They just want you to watch as many advertisement videos as possible.

Sorry to burst the bubble but nobody’s going to pay you $300 for tapping on a tree for 10 minutes.

Legit Online Income Opportunities

Although Desert Tree is fake not all apps are like this. There are websites and apps out there that are actually legit and can be relied upon for a consistent source of online income.

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That’s it for this review post on Desert Tree, thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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