Earn Gold App Review! Legit Earning Opportunity Or Scam?

Hello! Welcome to my Earn Gold app review.

This is a new ring tossing game on Google Play. I heard that you can win real cash rewards for playing and the game itself looks kind of fun, so I thought I’d give it a try and I also wanted to see if they paid out or not.

So I’ve tested this Earn Gold app for a while now, let me show you how it really works and whether they pay or not.


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How Does Earn Gold Work?

The game is pretty simple, it’s a ring tossing game and your goal is to toss the ring into one of the squares with a special avatar character.

Just press on your phone screen without releasing your finger and you’ll see a trajectory aim it at the square, when the target turns green you release your finger and the ring should land right on it.

Then a pop up appears with the price to collect it, you need to tap on it, this opens an advertisement video.

After watching the video you’ll see what prize you won, usually some diamonds and coins.

Will You Really Get Paid?

So let’s get to the most important thing, how do you get paid?

So as you collect diamonds and coins you can check your balances for both at the top of the screen.

So here’s what the diamonds get you, Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or cash app. The minimum payment is $50, but I only have $0.10 worth of diamonds right now.

When I won that ring toss they only gave me something like 0.37 diamonds, and every 10 diamonds is only worth $0.10. At this rate it will take too long to reach $50.

So since my cash balance is at 4.43, this is worth about $0.04 which I actually cashed out already.

If you take a look at the below screenshot it showed my withdrawals:

But what is strange is that when I cashed out they never asked for my PayPal email or any information, it just shows as under review!

How are they going to pay me when they don’t have any way of sending me my money??

What’s The Deal Really?

There are tons of sketchy money making apps out there on Google Play, and a lot of them are obviously not real, because they claim to pay thousands of dollars very fast with no effort.

But with this Earn Gold app you just earn a few pennies at a time which is in line with most other legitimate money making apps that actually do pay.

So at first I thought Earn Gold might be legitimate, but as it turns out they do not seem to pay.

They do not ask for my PayPal email address or anything else, so it’s pretty much fake as there’s no way for them to send me any money.

I recommend you check out my Top Extra Income Sites instead. These are actually legitimate opportunities that do pay. I only recommend those that have paid me before.

You will not get rich with my recommended sites, but you are definitely going to get paid unlike Earn Gold and other similar sketchy apps.

That’s it for this review post on Earn Gold, thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one.

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