Is AdsRepay a Scam Or Legit? (Review From Actual User)

Is AdsRepay a legit online earning opportunity? Can you make some extra income from the site? Are they worth joining?

And most importantly… do they pay? Later onĀ  in this post I’ll share with you my cashing out experience with AdsRepay.

Hello and welcome to my AdsRepay review. Today I’m going to show you all the opportunities that are going to be available to you on this GPT site, and let you decide whether this is something that’s going to be suitable for you or not.


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My First Impression

So as soon as I logged in and scanned the dashboard, my first impression is that I really don’t like the overall look and design.

There’s a lot of things going on and it looks really messy.

It’s like a lot of things are trying to grab my attention at the same time. But that’s fine as long as the earning opportunities are good.

Earning Money On AdsRepay

So AdsRepay is a GPT site, also known as “get-paid-to” site. The thing you need to know about these sites is that they’re useful for making extra income online, but they’re not going to replace your job.

So I did test out AdsRepay for some time, and there are tons of ways to earn money here. Surveys, offers, games, tasks, and many other things.

The easiest task is watching videos, but it’s also the lowest paying. The highest paying tasks are going to be the surveys and offers.

The pay for surveys and offers varies, but it’s not uncommon to find a $2.00 survey that takes 10-15mins to complete.

There are a large number of survey and offer routers to choose from, each router has their own list of surveys. My favorite router is CPX Research.

Payment Methods

So if you’re like me the first thing you’re curious to know when joining a site like this is what payment methods are available? How will you get paid your money?

The best thing about AdsRepay is that the minimum payment threshold is only $1.00 USD, so they make it really easy for you to reach your first cash out.

If you go down to the “Redeem” section you can see all their payment methods which includes PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Repay TV, and tipalti.

As I’ve mentioned before, minimum payment is only $1.00 USD, costing 125pts. However, the lower the cash out amount the higher the cash out fee.

So basically 100pts = $1.00

If you cash out $1.00 for 125pt then the 25pts is the cash out fee, so a 25% fee is quite high. Or you can save up for a $5.00 cash out for 500pts and there’s no fee.

These cash out minimum amounts and fees is the same for both PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

There’s also a redeem method called “RepayTV” this is where you can use your earnings to pay for advertisement.

So if you have a video you want to promote and want people to watch, you can do that here.

So if you look down here there’s a section called “Rewarded Videos”, and this is one of the ways you can earn money on AdsRepay, you watch videos and you earn points.

So basically you can use your earnings to pay to have your videos shown to other AdsRepay members.

But I don’t recommend you do this because people who watch these videos only care about earning points, and probably won’t care about the content of your videos.


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Do They Actually Pay?

I cashed out $5.00 USD to PayPal but never got the money.

They said it’d take 3-5 days to be paid out but it’s been over 2 weeks now and it’s still pending.

They’ve never paid me my money and I think they’re a scam at this point.

Also something really strange is that when I check my “Activity” page I can see the PayPal payment request, but the time/date had been revised.

I requested this payment back in July 31st, as you can see from this email:

But when you look at my “Activity” dashboard, you can see that the dates for all activities have been changed to Aug 9.

This is very sketchy and I’m not sure why they did this, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to see my money anytime soon.

My Thoughts On AdsRepay

At first this site looked like a pretty good GPT site with these low minimum payment thresholds, wide variety of ways to earn, and AdsRepay seemed active on social media and so they seemed legit.

But just for the fact that I tried cashing out $5.00 to PayPal and never even got my money, and they revised the cash out date on my “Activity” page, I think AdsRepay is not very trustworthy.

Is AdsRepay Worth Joining?

If you look for AdsRepay payment proof on forums such as Reddit you may find a few of them, some people do get paid, but I haven’t and I don’t know why.

I reached out to AdsRepay through one of their YouTube videos and told them I didn’t get paid, they replied and said they’d help me out and send it, but I never got the money or heard another reply after that.

So the bottom line is that yes, some people do get paid, but there are others like myself who haven’t gotten paid.

Support seems useless and said to help but end up not helping. If you join them and tried cashing out there is a chance they might not send it.

So there is a risk of not getting paid, so therefore I don’t think they’re worth joining. You should see my Top Extra Income Sites instead which have all paid me before and much more trustworthy.

That’s it for this review, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.


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