Is AppKarma App Legit Or a Scam? (Review From Actual User)

I’ve been using AppKarma for some time now so I thought I’d do a review on it. They’re a money-making app that came out around 2014, they’re available worldwide and offer many different ways to earn, payment methods include PayPal and gift cards.

Currently they have 3.8/5 stars on Google Play, which is not too bad, but not excellent either. The earning potential is low, so if you’re just looking for something fun to do then it’s perfectly fine to join. But if your primary objective is extra income then you should look to join multiple different sites/apps which can increase your earning potential.


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Ways To Earn On AppKarma

The two main ways to earn is by playing games & completing offers. Offers and games have their own sections, but they’re pretty much the same thing, because offers are where you get paid to complete levels in games.

You earn points on AppKarma which can be redeemed for PayPal or gift card rewards, for your reference 1750pts = $1.00 USD

playing Games & offers

Games can be separated into two categories, the type where you earn points by completing levels, and the type where you earn points for every minute of play. Obviously the latter is easier, you just have to open the game and run it, and the longer you let it run the more points you earn.

Earn Per Minute Of Game Play:

Playtime rewards is where you earn points per minute of play.

Just go to the “Playtime Rewards” section to see a list of games available to download. You’ll see how many points you’ll earn per minute of play, typically it’s around 5-10pts per minute.

One thing to note is that you’ll earn less and less points the more you play the game. So for example, initially you might earn 6pts/minute, but after a while you’ll need to play for 10 minutes to earn 10pts, then 60 minutes to earn 20pts, and so on.

Once you get to the point where you’re earning so little that it’s not worth it anymore, just uninstall the game and go back to the Playtime Rewards section and download a new game, and the initial earning rate will apply.

Earn By Completing Game Levels:

Then the other kind is where you have to complete certain levels to earn a number of points. You can access this via the “Mystery Offers” or by going down to the “Promoted Offers”

In these gaming offers you’ll need to complete a certain level to earn the points, in many cases you’ll also need to complete the levels within a certain time frame.

While it may be easier to earn points with the Playtime Rewards, you can earn a lot more by completing levels.

Some of these offers pay up to 50,000+ points, which is around $30.00 USD. It may take quite a bit more effort and time, but the payout is much greater.

Checking In, Videos, Badges

There are other little stuff you can do to earn, such as by checking in daily (Daily Rewards) which is a scratch card game.

Typically you earn a little bit of points here, I earn about 50 points per day, but on unlucky days I earn nothing.

Or you can watch videos. These are 15-30 second advertisements mostly of other apps, just watch it to earn 1 point.

You can do this unlimited times per day as long as there are advertisements available, but it’s really really low pay. As a reminder, 1750pts = $1.00 USD, so how much is 1pt worth? You do the math!

You can also earn points by complete badges. You earn these badges by being active on the app, such as checking in daily, completing gaming offers, referring others, and other stuff.

Payment Options

So in the rewards section you can see all the available options, which includes PayPal and a variety of gift cards, including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and many others.

The options you see depends on which country you’re logging in from. So here are the options I see in Canada.

You can also see the minimum payment thresholds for each method.

My favorite method is PayPal, the minimum is 5250pts, which is $3.00 USD. For Amazon it’s much lower at only 1800pts, which is $1.00 USD.

The payment options look good, the minimum thresholds is low and should be easy to reach by completing a few gaming offers.

My Thoughts On AppKarma

I think AppKarma is an alright money-making app. There are enough earning opportunities, the payment options are good, and minimum payment thresholds are low.

Some games offers and video rewards don’t pay very much, but it’s fine if you’re just doing this for fun or looking for a small supplemental income. Your best bet for earning anything significant would be to do the game offers where you complete levels.

Overall I think AppKarma is definitely worth checking out.

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That’s it for my review on AppKarma, thanks for reading, see you in the next review.



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