Is ChipWin To 21 App a Scam or Legit? (Actual User Review)

So this is my ChipWin To 21 review. This is a simple chip-merging game app on Google Play. In addition to being fun and relaxing to play, in the game you also can win huge PayPal/Amazon cash rewards in the amount of hundreds and even thousands of dollars ($500-$1500!)

Such big payouts can only mean that it’s too good to be true, right? Or is ChipWin To 21 actually legitimate?

I’ve tested this app for awhile now so let me show you how it works.


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How Does ChipWin To 21 Work?

So after you download ChipWin To 21 and open it you’ll see a bunch of numbered chips on a board.

The game itself is very simple and there’s really not much to it. There’s only one goal, move chips of the same number together into groups of three. This merges them into a higher chip number.

So in the example below, just swipe the “1” chip together, this merges them into a “2” chip.

As you merge the chips you will earn cash rewards. Sometimes you get PayPal cash, other times you get Amazon gift card cash.

To collect the rewards you’ll have to watch an advertisement video.

These cash rewards are really big, usually $50 to $100 each time. Who needs to work a real job, right?

I’ve already collected over $200 in both PayPal and Amazon cash rewards in my balance from just over 10 minutes of playing!

Redeeming Cash Rewards

If you check the “Redeem” section, the minimum payment is $500, I could probably reach that in about 20 minutes of playing.

Or you can keep collecting rewards and redeem at $1500, but I highly do not recommend you do this! I’ll explain later on why this is.

Don’t think about quitting your job just yet, I’ve tested many sketchy money-making apps like this before and there’s always some kind of catch when you try to cash out.

Do They Actually Pay?

No, they don’t pay. When you try redeeming your cash it will fail. They’ll say that in order for the cash out order to process you’ll need to watch a large number of advertisement videos.

If you check out the reviews on Google Play it pretty much confirms what I just said, nobody is getting paid.

When you try to redeem you’ll just to told to watch a crap load of advertisements videos. These videos are put there by the developer of this app, the more you watch the more money they make.

By the time you figure out that this is all fake you would already have watched a lot of advertisements and wasted a bunch of time, and the only one to have made money would be the developer of the ChipWin To 21 app.

Legit Money Making Opportunities

Don’t feel despair however, because there are some money-making opportunities out there that are 100% legitimate. You can find some of them in my Top Extra Income Sites.

You won’t make $500 in 30 minutes or anything ridiculous like that, but it’s possible to make some supplemental income in your spare time, and I only recommend the sites that have paid me before and that I know are 100% legitimate.

That’s it for this review on ChipWin To 21, thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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