Is Crazy Pusher Master App Legit Or Scam? Real User Review

So this is my Crazy Pusher Master review. This is a new coin pushing game on Google Play. It’s a free to play game where you can (supposedly) win real money, apps like this are very popular on IOS and Android platforms.

I’ve tested many similar apps before, and while some are legitimate and do actually pay out real money, a lot of them are fake.

I’ve been trying out Crazy Pusher Master for a while now, so let me show you how it really works and whether they’re a scam or legit.

How Does It Work?

So here below in the screenshot is the Crazy Pusher Master coin pushing game. It’s very simple to play, the objective is to push the pile of coins off the edge and collect them into the red bucket below.

You can push coins off the edge by throwing more coins into the pile which you can do by tapping on the screen and coins will fall down.

As you can see in the top right hand corner, every 6 seconds you’ll be given 1 coin to drop into the pile.

The coins you collect will increase your cash balance. You can see your balance at the top of the screen beside the green dollar sign.

Within minutes of play I’d already reached about $300 in cash balance!

Do They Really Pay?

The redeem options include PayPal and Cash App.

So I clicked the cash out button and cashed out the $300 through PayPal. I entered my PayPal email, then they gave me a timer counting down 7 days, then they told me to keep playing the game.

So what happens after the 7 days? After the timer counts down to zero the money did not arrive. They do not pay.

You guys, sorry to tell you this but this is 100% fake. Nobody is going to pay you $300 for playing a free coin pushing game for 30 minutes.


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As you play the game, intrusive advertisements will pop up from time to time. Since this game is free to play, the developer of this app earns money from these advertisements that you watch.

I’ve tested many similar apps before so I’ve picked up on how it really works. They just want you to keep playing so you’ll watch more advertisement videos.

Their only objective is to have you watch as many advertisement videos as possible so they can make money off your time. The advertisers pay Crazy Pusher Master every time you watch these videos.

In the end the only one profiting will be the developer of Crazy Pusher Master, and your time would have been wasted for nothing.

The Final Word

If you’re only playing for fun and not expecting a payout then it’s fine I guess, but it’s not really that fun to play when you’re bombarded with advertisements.

If you downloaded Crazy Pusher Master with hopes of making real money, then forget this game. Check out my Top Extra Income Sites instead which are actually legit and do pay out.

That’s it for this review, sorry if I disappointed you but I review these apps honestly and call it as I see it. Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.


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