Microworkers Not Paying Anymore? (Review From Actual User)

So this is my Microworkers review. Microworkers is a crowdsourcing platform where you can do many simple tasks to earn money. Tasks are easy, like watching a video, subscribing to a YouTube channel, signing up for a website, etc.

The minimum payment is only $9.00 and they offer many payment methods including bank transfer and PayPal. But do they pay?

Chances are if you’re reading this you might have a withdrawal “pending” for awhile, and support is not replying. Is Microworkers a scam?

Personally I have $13 in “pending” for 3 years and support has not replied to any messages. Many other users on forums have complained about the same thing.

I recommend you don’t join Microworkers, they have stopped paying and they are a scam in my opinion!!!

You can read about my full experience later on in this review post.


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How Does Microworkers Work?

It’s a crowdsourcing platform. Some people need little jobs done, so they go on Microworkers to post these jobs, and people looking to earn money can do these jobs.

These little jobs require little to no skill and anyone can do it, for example visiting a website and signing up, submitting an email, liking a video, etc.

The pay of these jobs vary, but usually around $0.10 to $1.00 per task.

Here are some examples of jobs currently in my dashboard:

Microworkers Not Paying?

Alright so here’s my experience.

Back in 2019 I signed up and did a bunch of tasks and racked up about $13 in earnings. I cashed out using the bank transfer option, it remained in “pending” for like 2 weeks.

I messaged support and got a useless response, they told me the withdrawal request had “expired” and that I need to request a new withdrawal. WTF?

On their website they said they processed withdrawals twice a week, but nobody processed mine for 2 weeks.

So I tried to cash out again and again it remained as “pending.” I again messaged support, this time they didn’t even bother responding.

So I left Microworkers and went away after that.

Fast forward to 2022, I was curious and logged in to my Microworkers account just to see if I could try cashing out again.

Not surprisingly, the withdrawal I made back in 2019 was still “pending,” what a joke. I canceled that withdrawal and the money went back to my account balance. I thought I’d try withdrawing again using PayPal.

But now in order to withdraw they’ve implemented this “KYC verification” thing where you need to upload ID and a selfie.

So I uploaded my KYC thing, and it says it takes up to 5 days to verify. So I waited and waited. It’s been about 11 days now, still “pending.”

But I tried cashing out via PayPal anyway, no surprise, it sits in “pending” for 5 days now. I messaged support about why my KYC thing hasn’t been looked at, no response. Surprise surprise.

Is Microworkers a Scam?

You’ll find some people saying they’ve been paid with payment proof, but I’ve also read many others who haven’t. My personal experience verifies that they don’t pay, and their support is useless at best and non-existent at worst.

To me they’re a scam cause they don’t pay, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t recommend you join Microworkers, you probably won’t get your hard earned money.

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That’s it for this Microworkers review, thanks for reading, see you in the next post.

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