Money Turn App Review! Yes It Really Do Pay (Payment Proof)

So this is my Money Turn app review. This is a new money-making app on Google Play.  You can earn on the app by playing games, and the more minutes you play the more coins you earn.

There are lots of similar apps out there, but this app differs from the rest as it allows you to invest these coins, and you get to earn up to 10% interest on your earnings.

Since this app is so new you’re probably wondering if they even pay or not. I’ve tested them out for a while now, let me show you how it works, and later on I’ll let you know what happened when I tried cashing out.


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How Does Money Turn app Work?

The way you earn money on this app is by downloading and playing games, you get paid coins per minute of play.

In the main section here you will see a list of games to choose from. Most of these games pay just over 20 coins per minute.

So just pick one and click on the “Play Now” button, then it will prompt you to download the game from Google Play.

You can find all your downloaded games in the “Installed Apps” section.

To start playing just click the “Play” button and the game will open up and start counting the minutes.

You can also see how many total minutes you’ve played, and the total amount of coins earned.

Earn Rate Decreases Over Time

One thing to keep in mind is that the initial coins per minute earning rate of each game does not stay the same, it will decrease gradually over time the more you play, and eventually you won’t be earning coins anymore.

So for example, initially right after downloading the game you might earn 24 coins per minute. After awhile you’ll earn 30 coins for 10 minutes of play, then 35 coins for 20 minutes of play, then 40 coins for 60 minutes of play.

Eventually you will see “0 coins per minute” beside the game.

This is perfectly normal.

To continue earning you just have to go back to the main section, download a new game, and you will start earning coins again from the initial earning rate.

Investing Coins To Earn Interest

After earning a bunch of coins you can either cash out your earnings or keep them on the app. The unique thing about Money Turn app is that you can actually invest your earnings on the app, and let your coins grow over time.

As you can see below, I have a total of 258 coins invested right now. I’m on level 3, this means I’ll earn 10% interest on my investment.

Below you can see a timer counting down, and in a couple of days I’ll earn 25 coins interest on my investment.

Let’s talk briefly about how much coins are worth. If you got to the redeem section you’ll see that every 4999 coins = $0.62 CAD ($0.50 USD)

So doing the math, every 1000 coins = $0.10 USD

So my 258 coins investment here is only about $0.025 USD, not much.

But imagine if you’ve saved up something like $50 USD on this app. Every couple of days you’ll earn 10% on that, so $5.00 USD every couple of days, this is easy passive income.

The only requirement is that you do need to keep playing everyday to stay on level 3 and continue earning 10% interest. You just need to play a few minutes of games per day to maintain this.

Cashing Out Coins To PayPal

If you just want to cash out your earnings without investing, you can go to the redeem section. Payment options include PayPal, and gift cards from Amazon and Starbucks.

The minimum payment is only $0.62 CAD ($0.50 USD) for 4999 coins.

When you first download Money Turn app they actually give you a 4499 coins sign up bonus, so you’re actually only minutes of game play from your first cash out.

My Payment Proof

So do they actually pay? Yes they do.

Below I’ll show you my payment proof in PayPal. Here’s my activity dashboard showing the money I received from the Money Turn app:

They pay in Euros, but after converting it to my Canadian currency it is about $0.61 that I received. $0.01 got lost somewhere in the currency conversion, but that’s okay.

So yes, they do pay and are 100% legitimate, and I recommend you check them out. Don’t forget to also check out my Top Extra Income Sites. I only recommend sites that have paid me before.

That’s for this review on Money Turn app, thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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