Money Well App Review! Legit $0.62 in 2 Mins (Payment Proof)

So this is my Money Well app review. This is another money making app on Google play, you can download and play games while earning coins, then trade the coins for cash rewards.

But they are different from other money making apps out there because you can actually make your first $0.62 PayPal cash out in just 2 minutes!

I’ve been testing this app out for a while now so let me show you how it works. I’ve gotten paid by them before so later on I’ll also show you my payment proof.


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How Does Money Well Work?

The way it works is simple, in the featured section of the app you’ll find a list of games you can play.

Just scroll through the list of games and pick one, click on it and it will prompt you to go download it on Google play.

Once you’ve downloaded the game you can go to the my apps section then click on that to open up the game.

Paid For Minutes Played

Unlike other apps that only pay you when you complete the levels in the game, with Money Well you’ll be paid for every minute you play the game.

So in the screenshot below for example, here I’m getting paid 90 tickets per minute.

Tickets are also known as points or coins, and you use them to trade in for PayPal cash later on.

Every game pays differently, some pay more points others pay less. For me I just start with the highest paying ones.

Earn Rate Decreases Over Time

The thing you need to keep in mind however, is that the pay will decrease over time. So for example, when I first started playing Crossword they were paying around 200 points per minute, now they’re only paying 90.

It will continue to decrease over time until eventually I won’t be earning anything at all. At that point all you have to do is go back to the featured games section and download another game and start this process all over again.

The list of games in the featured section will update every now and then to give you a new set of games.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you’ve collected a bunch of points you can go to the payouts section, then pick the method you want to receive your payment.

For me my favorite is PayPal, the minimum payment threshold is only $0.62 which costs just under 5000 points.

The amazing thing about the money well is that when you first download this app they give you a sign up bonus of 4499 points, this means you’re only about 500 points away from your first cash out!

I was able to reach my first $0.62 cash out simply by downloading my first game and playing it for about 2 minutes.

You can also choose to save your points for a bigger cash out, but I first wanted to see if they actually paid out, so that’s why I cashed out right away.

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So next up I’m going to show you the payment that I received in my PayPal account for Money Well.

Do They Pay? My Payment Proof

So below is my recent PayPal account activity. As you can see in the screenshot, I got my payment from the company name Just Dice, they’re the parent company of Money Well.

They pay in Euros but the amount is $0.61 when converted to my local Canadian dollars currency.

Do I Recommend Them?

So yes, Money Well does pay, they are 100% legitimate and I definitely recommend them.

By the way, I also regularly receive payments from Cash’em All which is another app under the Just Dice company, you can check them out as well.

You can check out all my Top Extra Income Sites that I use, I only recommend those that have paid me before and that I know are 100% legitimate and scam-free.

So that’s it for this review post. Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

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