Prolific Review + Payment Proof – Legit High Paying Studies!

Prolific is a market research panel that connects people like you and me to companies looking for participants for their studies.

Most studies are basically surveys where you just have to give your opinions on things, but you can also receive experiments as well where you have to make various decisions and react to things.

In this Prolific review I’ll tell you more about these legit opportunities to earn, how much they pay, and also show you my payment proof.


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Prolific Review

Name: Prolific
Type: Studies, surveys, experiments
Membership Price: FREE to register
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Prolific found at is based in Oxford, they start up somewhere back in 2014 and have become very popular as a way for people to make extra income online.

When you join as a participant you get the opportunity to give your thoughts and opinions in various studies and earn cash doing it.

Prolific differs from other survey sites in a few ways. First, they only give you studies you’re already qualified for, so you won’t get screened out. Second, most of their studies are very high paying, you can earn $10-$25/hr.

Who Can Join Prolific Academic?

Prolific accepts participants from all countries around the world. It’s free to join and all you have to do is fill out a simple sign up form with your name, email, and password.

You’ll also be asked if you’re signing up to “recruit participants” or to “take part in studies”. Just pick the latter one if you’re looking to earn money taking surveys.

Then they’ll ask you to confirm your email and phone number, after this you’ll also need to complete a profile questionnaire with about 100 questions which basically asks you about your lifestyle, hobbies, habits, etc.

fill out your profile questions for higher chance of receiving studies

The questionnaire is unpaid for your time, but filling it out is important because it lets them know more about you so they can send you the appropriate surveys according to your demographic.

After filling out your profile questionnaire you’ll be notified in the “Studies” section if any surveys are available for you to take.

Wait For Available Studies

When you log in to Prolific you have to go check the “Studies” section to see if there are any available opportunities.

If there is an available study you will see all the details about it such as what the survey is about, how much it pays, average completion time, and the number of spaces left.

Typically these studies pay around £0.50 to £5 and takes 5 to 25 minutes to complete. If you don’t see any available studies you can just check back periodically throughout the day.

Most of the time you’ll see “waiting for studies” and nothing is there. You have to check the page every now and then, because these studies pop up randomly throughout the day and are first-come-first serve.

just refresh the page every now and then

If you only check once a day, chances are you won’t find anything there. I usually get 1-2 studies a day, but I check multiple times a day.

What Are Studies?

Most studies are basically surveys. You’ll be taken to a page where you need to give your opinions on various topics, usually in the form of multiple choice questions.

Sometimes there are these experiments which are like games that test your reactions and decision making.

There are many types of experiments so it’s hard to generalize. But for example, they might show you a screen with different faces, and ask you to rate which face is more trustworthy, which face looks like a criminal, etc.

Wait For Studies To Be Approved

Before you get paid for your completed studies the researchers have to manually approve it first. They have up to 22 days to approve the study, but most of the time studies are approved within 1-3 days.

wait for researchers to approve your study

I’ve been doing Prolific for a long time now and I’ve never had any of my studies rejected. So it’s definitely legit. Just don’t answer questions randomly and you’ll be fine.

Monthly Earning Potential

Most studies pay £0.50 to £5 and take about 3 to 25 minutes to complete. While the pay is pretty good, the problem is that you won’t get enough opportunities to make any serious income.

On average I get about 1-2 studies a day, sometimes it’s just a few quick surveys worth £0.50 each, other times it’s a bigger paying experiment. But either way, this cannot replace your job.

Another thing is that the amount of studies you get depends on your demographics such as your country, job, income, hobbies, and a bunch of other factors. If lots of companies are seeking your demographic for a study, then you may get more opportunities, if not then you may get less.

I highly recommend that you join multiple extra income sites for more earning opportunities. See my Top Extra Income Sites for more ways to earn some extra cash online.

How Do You Get Paid?

Currently the only way that Prolific pays is via PayPal, this is good because they’re a fast and reliable way to get your money.

You just need to make sure you link your PayPal account in your Prolific’s account section. Once you’ve earned at least £5 you can request a payment. Once you request the payment you will get your money instantly on PayPal.

My Payment Proof:

So just to show you that Prolific is really legit and do pay, here is my payment proof below. I’ve been paid many times by them, so here are a couple of recent payments on PayPal:

times i've been paid by prolific

The Good

  • Free to join as a participant
  • Anyone from around the world can join
  • Studies are high paying
  • You are qualified for every study you get, you won’t get screened out
  • Pays with PayPal
  • Low payment threshold of only £5
  • Payments are received instantly once requested

The Bad

  • You might not get many studies
  • Only an extra income opportunity

Is Prolific Worth Your Time?

They’re definitely worth joining. Their studies are high paying, you won’t get screened out, they have good payment options, and payments are received very quickly.

The only thing is that the amount of studies you get is limited, sometimes you get a few studies a day, sometimes you get nothing. It’s just how it is.

So overall, it’s a good site to add to your list of sites to make extra income online.

Some Other Sites I Recommend

If you want to make extra income online I recommend that you join multiple sites, because different sites offer different opportunities.

Check out my Top Extra Income Sites which are other sites that pay you to take surveys and complete various tasks.

So that’s my Prolific review. Do you have your own experience and opinions about them? If so share it with me and my readers by posting it down in the section below.

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