Qmee Review – Legit Instant PayPal Income! (Payment Proof)

If you’re someone who hate sites with high payment thresholds ($20+) then Qmee is definitely a site you will like, because they have NO minimum payment thresholds. You can cash out ANY amount at ANY time.

Another thing you’ll like is that their payments are received instantly through PayPal once you redeem your earnings.

I’ve been using Qmee for over a year now and they are one of my favorite extra income sites for the two reasons above.

In this Qmee review I’ll go some important things such as how much their surveys pay, how much you can earn per month, and also show you some payment proof.


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Qmee Review

Name: Qmee
Website: qmee.com
Type: Paid surveys
Membership Price: FREE to register
My Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Qmee is a survey site that launched back in 2012 by two people, and since then they’ve become the favorite of many people looking to earn extra income online due to their quick and fast payments.

They also have an app in the Google Play store you can download, this lets you complete the surveys and earn money on your smartphone while on the go.

I’ve been using Qmee for a long time now and they are my go-to survey site not only for their fast payments, but because their surveys actually pay pretty good compared to a lot of other sites.

Who Can Join Qmee?

You can join Qmee only if you’re from the USA, Canada, UK, or Australia. Signing up is free to do.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be prompted to fill in your profile section which has many demographic categories such as home, work, about you, etc. These are important because it lets them find you targeted surveys.

Try to fill out everything until you see “100%” in the green circle at the top. But getting close to that is fine, I’m currently at 94% but I still see plenty of survey opportunities.

fill out your profile questions

Check The Dashboard For Surveys

After filling out your profile you should see more surveys on your dashboard. You’ll see how much money they pay and the estimated completion time.

Sometimes you’ll also see a webcam icon on the survey, this means it requires your webcam to be turned on for the survey. Usually they’ll have you watch a commercial or advertisement and they want to see your facial expressions while you watch it.

Most of Qmee surveys pay pretty well, something like $5-$8/hr on average.

check your dashboard for surveys

Just click on any survey to start it, and you will have to answer some screening questions to see if you qualify.

If you don’t qualify you don’t get paid anything, but you can keep trying till you find one you qualify. For a while they actually paid me $0.02 to $0.08 for screened out surveys, but for some reason they stopped doing that, I’m not sure why.


Join Qmee Now!


Can’t Qualify For a Survey?

There are days where I qualify for many surveys, and days where I can’t seem to qualify for any. It happens to everyone and is very normal.

I’d say on average I only qualify for a survey maybe 1 out of every 8 tries, usually you’ll be told that the survey “filled up” or that you’re not the right fit for it.

The researchers who created the survey are looking for specific candidates under a certain demographic, if you don’t fit that then you don’t qualify.

This is why it’s important to fill out your profile, because then the surveys that you see in your dashboard will be more targeted towards you and you will be more likely to qualify for those ones.


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Pop Quizzes & Daily Poll

Everyday at a specific time there will be a pop quiz you can answer, if you answer correctly you will earn $0.03. The quiz is just a quick multiple choice question on various topics to test your knowledge.

Unfortunately they only give you like 10 seconds to answer, and so it doesn’t give you enough time to google the answer.

earn more

Another thing is the daily poll, you won’t win any prizes directly with this one, but if you complete the daily poll 5 days in a row then you will get 5 “oinks” which activates the ability to earn 10% more on surveys.

You will have to keep answering the daily poll everyday to maintain the 5 oinks. Miss just one day and you’ll have to start all over again.

Sometimes I forget to take the daily poll and this is why I’m only at 2 oinks right now…

i forgot to take the daily poll

How Much Can You Earn?

There are always a lot of surveys in the dashboard so there are lots of opportunities to earn. However, this is not something that you replace your day job, it’s only good for earning extra income.

It’s hard to put a specific dollar amount on how much you can earn per month, because it depends on how many surveys you qualify for, how much time you’re willing to spend doing these surveys, and so on.

I can only speak for myself, and in months that I put in some effort I can earn about $25 to $50 a month. But your experience may be different, you might earn more, or you might earn less.

I highly recommend that you don’t just stick with one site, you should join multiple sites because more sites mean more earning opportunities.

See my Top Extra Income Sites to learn more about all the sites I use to make extra income online.

How Do You Get Paid?

On Qmee you can cash out your earnings for any amount at any time. So even if you had only $0.01 you can still cash that out!

Payment options include PayPal, gift cards, and donating to charity.

ways to redeem your earnings

After redeeming your earnings you will receive it almost instantly.

My Payment Proof:

I’ve cashed out plenty of times successfully. The money always come quick, usually I see it in my PayPal account within minutes:

The Good

  • Lots of available surveys everyday
  • Some surveys are high paying
  • Sometimes you get paid $0.02 to $0.08 if you get screened out
  • Good payment options – PayPal & gift cards
  • No minimum payment thresholds
  • Payments arrive instantly after you redeem

The Bad

  • Only people from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia can join
  • It may take some time to qualify for a survey
  • Not a way to make serious amount of income

Is Qmee Legit?

They are 100% legit, I’ve been using them for over a year now and they have paid me every single time.

It’s one of the best survey sites out there because of their quick and easy payments, and the fact their surveys actually pay quite good.

If you’re looking to make extra income online then you should add Qmee to your list of sites to join.

If you haven’t signed up already you can do so below:


Join Qmee Now!


Earn More By Joining More Sites:

Even though Qmee is legit and has many available surveys, the earning opportunities are still limited since you won’t qualify for all surveys and you will eventually run out of surveys.

This is why I recommend that you join a few other sites because different sites will offer more opportunities to earn. If you work on multiple sites then your earnings can add up.

Check out my Top Extra Income Sites which are other sites that pay you to take surveys and complete various tasks.

So that’s my Qmee review. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments leave them down below.

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