SurveyTime Review – Do They Really Pay? (My Payment Proof)

The thing that SurveyTime is best known for is the fact that they pay you $1 USD instantly for every survey you complete. You can get paid with PayPal or gift cards, depending on your country.

This survey site also has a very simple and minimalist design. Unlike other sites where you sign in and choose from a list of surveys to take, at SurveyTime you simply log in and click “Start Now” and a random survey will be appointed to you.

I’ve been using SurveyTime for awhile now and have been paid several times by them. In this SurveyTime review I’ll go how it all works, how much you can earn, and also show you some payment proof.


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SurveyTime Review

Name: SurveyTime
Type: Paid surveys
Membership: Available worldwide
My Rating: 3.75 out of 5

SurveyTime is a survey site that pays a flat rate of $1 per survey regardless of the length of the survey, it doesn’t matter if the survey is 20 minutes or 2 minutes, you will get paid $1 in either case.

A lot of these surveys come from familiar routers such as Your-Surveys. The surveys are randomly selected for you, but you’ll be told critical information such as how long the survey is before you begin.

You have to first answer screening questions to see if you qualify for the survey. If you don’t qualify then you’ll get screened out, but you can keep trying for unlimited times.

In my experience it does take quite a few tries before qualifying for a survey. When I first signed up for SurveyTime I tried something like 15 times and still couldn’t qualify and gave up, thinking there must be something wrong with me.

But then months later I came back to try again and finally managed to qualify for a survey within 2-3 tries, and then from there I did a few more surveys after that.

Sometimes you won’t qualify after 15+ tries, but other times you’ll qualify after 2-3 tries, so my suggestion would be to log in consistently and try a survey maybe 4-5 times a day, you’re bound to qualify for a survey eventually.

Who Can Join SurveyTime?

You can join SurveyTime from any country in the world, and they are available on both mobile and desktop. But you should make sure you have a PayPal account first because that’s one of the main ways they pay you.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll have to fill out a profile section which has some basic profile questions such as your age, income, education, marital status, etc. Filling out this section is important because it lets them find you targeted surveys.

Check The Dashboard For Surveys

Unlike other survey sites where you can attempt to take surveys from an available list, at SurveyTime you’ll just have to click the “Start Now” button which will open up a random survey for you.

Once the survey is opened they will tell you how long the survey takes and you can then decide whether the $1 is worth the length of the survey to proceed.

Usually it’s around 10-20 minutes long, but I’ve seen surveys 30+ minutes long which I’d skip cause that’s way too long for $1.

click on start now to open a new survey

But like I’ve said before, you will likely need to try many times before you qualify for a survey. Most of the time you will fill out some screening questions and get kicked off and see this screen:

you'll see this screen most of the time

If you get screened out then you won’t get paid anything, this lowers your hourly earnings quite a bit. Even if a 10 minute survey pays $1, you are not really earning $6/hr, because you have to factor in the time you waste qualifying for the survey.

There are some survey sites out there that pay you even if you get screened out from surveys, you can check out my Top Extra Income Sites which include some of these survey sites.

Does SurveyTime Really Pay?

Yes they do pay, and I have been paid many times by them before. They pay very quickly too, usually I get the payment within an hour.

Once you complete a survey you will be taken to a page where they will ask you to select your payment method of choice, it’s either PayPal or Amazon gift card. If it’s PayPal you’ll be asked to enter your PayPal email.

Then you can check the status of your payment in the “My Payments” section, it will say “pending” until the payment is paid out. Usually it takes no more than an hour before the payment arrives.

My Payment Proof:

Here’s are my payment screenshots. You can see the “My Payments” section of my SurveyTime account, and also my latest PayPal screenshot.

all the times i've been paid on surveytime

$1 payment received from surveytime

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The Downsides of a $1 Flat Rate

At first I was very excited for getting paid a flat rate of $1 per survey, I am a minimalist type of person and am attracted to this type of simple operation.

But I notice that a lot of SurveyTime’s surveys are quite long, usually 15-20 minutes, and so $1 per survey means only $3-$4 per hour, and even less when you factor in the unpaid time you spend trying to qualify for a survey.

So in reality these $1 surveys are great only if you can find a really short surveys, like 5 minutes or less, but you’ll rarely see surveys that short.

The Good

  • Anyone worldwide can join for free
  • Simple design and operation
  • Earn a flat rate of $1 per survey
  • Get paid with PayPal or gift cards immediately
  • They are legit and do pay

The Bad

  • Takes a while to qualify for a survey
  • Some surveys are 25+ minutes which still only pays $1

Is SurveyTime Worth Joining?

I think they’re worth joining if your goal is to earn a little side income online, but I suggest that you join a few other sites as well to combine your earnings. You won’t earn that much with just one site alone.

Different sites will offer different opportunities, you may get sick and tired of doing long 15-20 minute surveys on SurveyTime, other sites offer shorter surveys (5 minutes or less) which you might prefer.

Check out my Top Extra Income Sites which are other sites that I use to earn some money online in my spare time.

So that’s my SurveyTime review. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments leave them down below.

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